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Small Business

Small Business (0-49)

The needs of a large employer are complex and unique. At your size, compliance is not an option. You need a comprehensive suite of services that will not only help you continue to attract and retain employees, but also assist you with:

  • Controlling Cost
  • Streamlining Administration
  • Communicating Value
  • Remaining Compliant
  • Driving positive participant outcomes

The solutions we offer to large employers are as unique as the challenges that you face. By leveraging our partnership with United Benefit Advisors, your company will gain the advantage of national resources and the value of working with a local Advisor.

Controlling Cost

  • Plan Optimization
  • Self-Funding Analysis
  • Actuarial Services
  • UBA National Benchmarking Survey

Streamlining Administration

  • Online Enrollment Systems
  • Form 5500 Filing
  • HSA / FSA / COBRA Administration
  • Automated Employee Notification Compliance (HR Service)

Communicating Value

  • Ask Alex – Attach link to demo (JV)
  • Employee Benefits Education App (Touchpoints)
  • Strategic Employee Benefits Education Program (Touchpoints)
  • Interactive Live Meetings
  • Educational Webinars

Remaining Compliant

  • PPACA Calculator
  • PPACA Advisor Notifications
  • Custom ACA Compliance Checklist

Driving Positive Participant Outcomes

  • Data Analytics (DS)
  • Onsite Biometric Screening (LMHS)
  • Smart Phone Incentive Tracking (H2R)
  • Remote Telemedicine Application (Teledoc / Doc on Demand)
  • Wellness Committee Support
  • Dedicated Health Fair Coordinator
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