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Blueprint Process

Let’s Build New Plans Together.

Our enthusiasm for client service and our extensive experience are the key ingredients in a process that results in customized solutions for employee benefit plans. We design blueprints for cost reduction, increased cash flow, improved service, better employee morale and so much more.

Leading Edge Benefit Advisors, LLC has built its business outside of the “traditional broker” model. We have met with thousands of CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and Benefits and HR executives over the years. Amongst these individuals, there were five commonalities that were identified as being critical to the success of any employee benefits program.

With the help of these executives, we have developed our five Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We have proven that when an organization is running highly effectively at all five of these KPIs, it is maximizing the return on investment of its employee benefits spend and HR initiatives.

Through our custom blueprint process, a dedicated Leading Edge Advisor will collaborate with you to identify those Key Performance Indicators within your organization and conduct an independent analysis of how your organization has performed at each. The blueprint process is designed to:

  • Create value within the benefit program and ensure your business is defined as an employer of choice in your industry.
  • Engage and educate your employees on their role in reducing health care costs
  • Create efficiencies around the administration of your employee benefit program
  • Provide access to quality health care efficiently and inexpensively
  • Mitigate compliance risk and streamline compliance efficiencies.

The Blueprint Process

Phase 1: Survey

The first phase in our process is the survey. This unique worksheet is designed to drive executives to focus on outcomes that can be achieved as they relate to your benefits program by taking an honest look at where you stand today.

Phase 2: Discovery

It is critical for us to begin every relationship by acquiring a deep understanding of your unique nature and needs. Only then are we able to identify the best possible solutions to help you protect and continuously elevate the relationship between your company and its employees.

Phase 3: Blueprint

The blueprint is our assessment of how your organization is running in our five KPIs paired with a two-year plan of action. This will serve as a framework to help you execute more effectively; and it does not stop there. We continually monitor your plan and measure its success to ensure the continuity of your meaningful outcomes.

We are a committed, engaged partner with a vested interest in growing alongside your business. We work to become an extension of your executive team, learning all we can about your business and continuously developing the strategies that free you to focus on building revenue and raising value perception.

See Your Blueprint Come to Life!

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and a Blueprint that is built from scratch to your executive team’s specifications.

Your custom blueprint will provide:

  • Key findings from our independent assessment of your business needs
  • In-depth analysis of your organization’s strengths, opportunities and challenges
  • Detailed analysis and action plans addressing:
    • Cost control 
    • Communication and Education
    • Employee advocacy
    • Technology
    • Compliance
  • Two full years of action plans for attaining your business goals

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